SG SAGAWA USA, INC. provides international air transportation services through a network that covers over 36 countries globally. We offer a one-stop solution that integrates different transportation methods and handles both export and import customs procedures. This approach allows us to cater to diverse cargo needs and fulfill all customer requirements.

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Personalize the ideal flight

transportation options for your international shipping needs.

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Provides transportation services that connect networks in more than 36 countries worldwide.

Cross-docking operations

Use our extensive group transportation network for quick deliveries, made efficient through our cross-docking operations.

Reduced lead time

Deliver services tailored to your preferred lead times, while also having the capacity to manage urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

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Intermodal Transportation
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At SG SAGAWA USA, INC. we specialize in international transportation. Our services span from global logistics to warehousing and domestic shipping, delivering a complete suite of worldwide logistics solutions.

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CaseStudy We provide efficient transportation solutions for various types of businesses.

The Challenge:

Company A, a tool distributor, was faced with the challenge of sourcing a diverse range of products from numerous suppliers and exporting them globally. The increasing complexity of managing and transporting these goods resulted in rising costs.

Our Solution:

When Company A asked for our help, we proposed our international air transportation solution. This solution involved temporarily storing goods from different suppliers, each with different products, in our warehouse. We then efficiently sorted and packed these goods based on their respective destinations.

The Resuls:

With our international air transportation solution, Company A succeeded in establishing an efficient transportation method, resulting in a reduction in transportation-related labor and costs. In addition, Company A benefited from the timely customer service and delivery tracking provided by our one-stop support.



International air transportation allows you to quickly ship cargo in units such as boxes or pallets to other countries.


Transportation rates are calculated based on weight per kilogram.


The delivery time depends on the distance between the exporting and importing countries. For example, the delivery time from Los Angeles Airport to Narita Airport is less than one day.


When using passenger aircraft for transportation, cargo is limited to a height of 160 cm. In addition, oversized items exceeding 200 cm in length require prior consultation. Maximum weight limits vary depending on the size of the cargo, so please contact us.


You can track your shipment using the MAWB number provided on the AWB we issue. If you are not sure, please contact SG SAGAWA USA, INC. representative.


The responsibility for securing insurance depends on the terms of the trade, whether it's the importer or the exporter. If necessary, we can assist in arranging insurance on your behalf.


There are two options: Standard and Priority. We recommend using Priority for perishables and urgent shipments.


Yes, there are restrictions. We comply with the United Nations Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods and IATA guidelines.


Contact us to coordinate reservations and arrangements for your cargo according to your availability.

Other Services

International Sea Transportation

We offer dependable, high-quality transportation options, including Less than Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL), and Breakbulk shipping services.

International Courier Services

Leveraging our internal global network, we provide efficient door-to-door logistics management for smaller shipments.

Logistics and Warehousing

We provide top-notch logistics management services, supported by state-of-the-art warehouse facilities and enhanced by advanced technology and rigorous quality control.

From Japan to US
Total support for FBA deliveries

FBA delivery scheme for cross-border EC using Amazon FBA. Transportation costs are significantly lower than conventional services. We can deliver to Amazon's FBA warehouse in the U.S. in the shortest possible time. We offer an overwhelming advantage in both cost and lead time.

Cross-border Logistics for E-commerce Business

Strengthen your markert presence in Japan

Boost Your Market Presence in Japan with SG SAGAWA USA, INC.: Our 'Cross-Border Shipping Services for E-commerce Operators' provide a complete solution to the logistics challenges you face, such as delivery schedules and cost-efficiency. Our 'EC-Connect' system streamlines your interactions with e-commerce platforms, customs, and logistics partners for a more simplified process.