For all e-commerce businesses who wish to deliver products from the United States to Japan

We have exciting news for all American e-commerce businesses owner who wish to deliver their products to Japanese consumers. SG SAGAWA USA, INC.'s Cross-border logistics service for e-commerce streamlines entire process of receiving items from the United States to delivery in Japan thus remediating various logistics issues, such as delivery time and costs, often encountered by e-commerce business owners.

Just leave to us to take care of all aspects related to cross-border logistics. Our experienced cross-border logistics team will guarantee to get you a leg up on your expansion in the Japanese market.

SG SAGAWA USA, INC.'s One-Stop solution offers comprehensive range of
cross-border e-commerce service.

Reduction in shipping leadtime (2 to 5 Days
Affordable shipping cost
Cater specifically to the need of customers
Door-to-door transportation that promises consistent delivery
Supports services particular to Japan i.e., C.O.D.
Provides weekend delviery
Abel to support broad range of insurance coverage
Offer wide range of logistic service:item inspection packing, delivery, warehouse management

Our Cross-border shipping service would be especially suited for customers such as:

  • Business owners who operate stores in Amazon and Rakuten in Japan
  • Business owners who operate an online shop that sells products to Japanese consumers
  • Companies operating large-scale EC sites targeting Japanese consumers
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Service Flow
Service Flow
  • Buyer

  • Purchase
  • EC Site

  • Order
  • Seller

    • Preparation for shipping item
    • Labeling
    • Inputting into the system
  • Pickup
    Drop off

    • Ship to Japan(Via air or maritime transportation)
  • Upon request, we also provide the folloing services
    • Ware housing
    • fulfillment
  • SG Sagawa(Japan)

    • Imte handled by Sagawa Japan
  • Delivery
    • Import customs clearance
    • Door-to-door delivery
X Frontier

X Frontier is the state of the art flagship center established by the SG Holdings Group in Japan, which function as both Transfer Center (Cross-Docking) and Distribution Center (Warehousing) as well as fulfilling various logistic functions for each group company of SG Holding groups. As a next-generation EC platform facility that utilizes the latest Robotic technology, it serves to integrate our new EC cross-border shipping service with our existing comprehensive domestic cargo service in a seamless manner.

※EC cross-border shipping service can utilize transportation of items via Narita and Haneda Airport. Please contact our inquiry desk for details.

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API Integration System

EC-Connect is a system that simplifies integration for customers with their e-commerce platforms, customs brokerage and logistics providers.
It provides API integration with about 30 e-commerce platforms and about 10 logistics providers.

E-Connect Business Model

E-Connect Business Model E-Connect Business Model

E-Connect Overview Flow

Current Flow

E-Connect Overview Flow E-Connect Overview Flow

EC-Connect Flow

EC-Connect Flow EC-Connect Flow

Sample Delivery Schedule

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Case Study

"Company A" that sold everyday use products

Company A, whose main business was mail-order sales from the United States to South Korea, has recently started mail-order sales of American-made supplements and daily necessities for Japan.

Prior to using our service, Company A shipped about 800 products to Japan a month, however by utilizing our service, which has delivery network to private homes all over Japan, drastically reduced lead time as well as shipping costs. After just one year of utilizing our service in Japan, the company A have successfully increased sales volume and shipments to 31 folds, approximately 25,000 units per month, as compare to a year prior.

As volume of the shipment increased, we have adjusted and fine-tune the shipping system according to the specification of the Company A in order to adapt and be able to create workflow that is even more efficient. As a result, even with the increased shipment, it is possible for the company A to continue the shipment process with a small number workers as before without burdening workload. Since we have our own system that specialize in ecommerce cross-border shipping, it is possible to make adjustments that cater to our clients' specific need.

In addition, since we undertake all transportation aspects from receiving items in the United States to delivery process in Japan, it is possible to visualize logistic process and centralize all inquiries regarding delivery. We receive accolades from our customers consistently regarding our one-stop solution that offers comprehensive range of cross-border e-commerce service.


Yes, DDP (Deliveries Duty Paid - sender is responsible for paying duty) service is available. But if sender would opt for DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid - receiver is responsible for settling any charges before customs to release the shipment) this option is also available.

We do offer C.O.D service. For more information, please contact our inquiry desk.

Service will be available in the vicinity of Los Angeles, CA or New York City, NY, and Newark, NJ.

Total dimension of the package must be no more than 100 cm and the weight must be less than 10 kg.

The total invoice price for items in one category must not exceed 2,500 USD.

Service may be available depending on the location, quantity, and frequency. For more information, please contact our inquiry desk for service availability.

Yes, drop-off option is available. After registering for the service, you may bring items to our designated warehouse to be shipped.

Delivery to all prefectures except Okinawa will be charged at the same rate.

Service Price

We will provide the utmost suitable service plan according to the type, weight, and delivery frequency for product. Please ask for a quote first.

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Application Process

1 Send quoteinquiry > 2 Receive contact from Sales Rep. > 3 Filling out necessary application form 4 Inspection > 5 Setting up delivery system > 6 Commence service

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