We provide a comprehensive door-to-door small package delivery service, utilizing our in-house global network for efficient logistics management. To meet your specific needs, we offer real-time tracking and adaptable customer service options.

Strength Our Advantages

Seamless transportation

Provides transportation services through a global network that spans more than 36 countries.

Customize lead time

Tailored services to align with your desired delivery schedule, while also offering the flexibility to handle urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

One-stop solutions

Provide comprehensive, one-stop solutions by leveraging our global network.

Cost reduction

Offer services at competitive prices.

Service Overview

Eligible Customers

Eligible Customers


Corporation (*We do not accept shipments from individual customers.)


Corporation, Individuals

Size restrictions

Additional Info

Volumetric Weight: Length x Width x Height cm / 6000 or Length x Width x Height inches / 166 *Up to 100 kg per box
Total of 3 sides: up to 260 cm or 100 inches
Weight: Up to 50 kg or 110.2 lbs per box

Payment Methods

For Japan:
(Limited to corporations) Prepaid - Fee is paid by shipper
Collect - Fee is paid by consignee

For destinations outside Japan:
Prepaid - Fee is paid by shipper

Oversized cargo handling

We have enabled the safe delivery of large freight, regardless of size, through our door-to-door service. Our Express transportation network is designed to handle oversized cargo over 260 cm, allowing us to provide reliable and cost-effective transportation services tailored to your specific needs. For example, our express service can accommodate a wide variety of automotive parts that may not fit on standard shipments. For more information, please contact our sales team.

SGX International Parcel Delivery

At SG SAGAWA USA, INC. we offer International Parcel Delivery services tailored to meet your shipping needs from the United States to Japan. Our service, SGX International Parcel Delivery, utilizes Sagawa Express' extensive delivery network to ensure fast and reliable door-to-door deliveries. We also offer tracking services for your convenience. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.


At SG SAGAWA USA, INC. we specialize in international transportation. Our services span from global logistics to warehousing and domestic shipping, delivering a complete suite of worldwide logistics solutions.

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For information on home delivery and other delivery services, please click the link.
Please note that we at SG SAGAWA USA, INC. do not provide general home delivery services. Thank you for your understanding.

CaseStudy Here is a case study of a sporting goods retailer who achieved efficient delivery with our service.

The Challenge:

Company C, a sporting goods retailer, had been shipping products internationally by air. However, they had an urgent need to ship goods to Japan and needed a suitable delivery solution.

Our Solution:

When Company C approached us for help, we recommended our international courier service, which is designed specifically for small shipments and provides a one-stop, door-to-door logistics solution.

The result:

Despite the urgency of the request, we successfully delivered the goods to Japan in approximately 5 days, meeting the customer's requirements.



Our services are available to business entities only.


Both business entities and individuals can use our services.

Please contact our sales representatives for more information. They will provide customized recommendations based on the specifics of your shipment.

Service Overview

1. Cosmetics Direct skin application products such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, treatment, foundation, lipstick, nail polish, perfume, eyeshadow, etc.
2.Documents Pornographic magazines and related media, paintings, sculptures, irreplaceable items (e.g., visas), personal letters, family registers, family register transcripts, contracts, certificates, etc.
3.Flora and Fauna Animals, insects, dried flowers, potpourri, fresh flowers, seeds, seedlings, fruits, spices, etc., parts of certain animals like ivory and shark fins, remains or ashes of animals, byproducts, body fluids, etc.
4.Food All types of food (fresh groceries, processed foods, health products, dried goods, canned goods, beverages, alcoholic beverages, supplements, etc.)
5.Valuables Cash, securities, stock certificate, passports, unused postage stamps, precious metals (jewelry, diamonds, platinum, gold, silver, etc.), national treasures, important cultural properties, important artworks, precious and semi-precious stones (cut or uncut), raw precious metals of any kind.
6.Dangerous Items Firearms, guns, swords, knives with blades that spring open, fireworks, aerosol sprays, explosives, flammable substances, matches, lighters, gas canisters for lighters, car waxes, engines, printer toners, nail polish, perfume, lithium-ion batteries.
7.Chemicals Hazardous substances, poisons, strong medicines, cannabis, narcotics, stimulants, etc.
8.Pharmaceuticals Medicinal products (oral medicines, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, topicals).
9.Intellectual Property Counterfeit currency, imitations, items that infringe upon patents, utility model rights, trademark rights, copyright, etc.
10.Items Governed by the Washington Convention Subject to export bans aimed at protecting endangered wildlife and plants (e.g., leather handbags, belts, ivory, etc.).
11.Others Communication devices (computers) and precision equipment*, used equipment, household goods, separate shipments, items unsuitable for transportation or deemed inappropriate, musical instruments, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, surfboards, gambling items, and any other items stipulated by law.

"For items such as communications and precision equipment, we may require a certificate of non-applicability. In addition, we cannot accept items containing lithium-ion batteries.

If you intend to ship any of the following items, please contact us:

Textiles for Europe (Textile License and Certificate of Origin required)
Textile visa for the United States (specific item descriptions, country of origin, manufacturer's name, address, etc. required)
Utensils, toys, etc. destined for the United States (FDA registration required)
Electrical products destined for the United States (FCC registration required), as well as musical instruments and artwork.
Our handling procedures adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the International Parcel Delivery Agreement.



You can ship documents and packaged goods quickly and cost-effectively.


The charge is calculated per 1 kg and usually includes all costs such as customs clearance and delivery from the export to the import location.


It depends on the distance between the export and import countries. For example, delivery from Los Angeles Airport to Narita Airport usually takes less than one day. If you ship to our Los Angeles office, we typically deliver to the recipient in Japan within approximately 3 to 6 days.


You can track your shipment by visiting the Shipment Tracking page on our website:


If necessary, we can arrange insurance on your behalf.


We cannot ship hazardous materials (such as lithium-ion batteries, perfumes, flammable items) or products that are prohibited from international shipment.


Each package can have a total of three sides up to 260 cm (with a maximum length of 150 cm) and weigh up to 50 kg. For multiple packages, the total weight can be up to 100 kg.


We can ship packages to most countries in the world. However, there may be some restrictions on deliveries to certain countries due to local regulations. Please contact us for further information.


When you contact us, we will schedule and coordinate the delivery of your package.


For packages destined for Japan, we can assist with returns and claims. Depending on the contents of the package and the destination, local customs may require additional documentation (import licenses, processing certificates, passports, visas, etc.). The costs associated with obtaining these documents (transportation, miscellaneous fees, etc.) are the responsibility of the recipient. If you wish to return a package for reasons such as refusal of delivery, refusal to pay customs duties, or customs clearance problems, the costs are the responsibility of the sender. In addition, if customs duties are incurred at the destination, these costs will be the responsibility of the recipient.

Other Services

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