SG SAGAWA USA, INC. provides top-tier logistics management paired with cutting-edge warehousing facilities. With advanced technology and rock-solid quality control at the helm, we guarantee seamless and secure operations. Partner with us, and we'll be the driving force behind your business success!

Strength Our Advantages

Seamless transportation

Leverage an extensive global network to meet domestic and international logistics needs.

Customize lead time

ATailored services to align with your desired delivery schedule, while also offering the flexibility to handle urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

One-stop solutions

Provide comprehensive, one-stop solutions by leveraging our global network.

Cost reduction

Offer services at competitive prices.

WhatWeDo Our Sercices

Buyer Consolidation
Direct Retail Delivery
Inventory Management
End of Month Reporting
Order Management
Logistics and Distribution
Pick & Pack
Pallet Reconstruction
Returns handling
Defective item return processing
Short Term/Long Term Storage
Supply Chain Management
Track & Trace

At SG SAGAWA USA, INC. we specialize in international transportation. Our services span from global logistics to warehousing and domestic shipping, delivering a complete suite of worldwide logistics solutions.

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CaseStudy Here are some examples of how our logistics solutions have significantly improved efficiency.

The Challenge:

Our client, Company D, is a toy wholesaler that imports toys from various countries into the United States. They needed a comprehensive and efficient logistics solution to effectively manage imports from multiple countries.

Our Solution:

Upon receiving Company D's inquiry, we proposed our logistics and warehousing solution, which seamlessly manages the entire process from import customs clearance, warehousing, temporary storage, logistics processing, and shipping, all through our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The Resuls:

By implementing our solution, Company D streamlined the process from import customs clearance to storage of each container, and efficiently executed logistics processing and order-based shipping. This resulted in a significant improvement in the efficiency of Company D's logistics operations. In addition, our system's timely information sharing for logistics has received positive feedback from the customer.



The pricing structure is based on a number of factors, including the type of product being stored, inbound/outbound frequency, and volume. In addition, fees are typically charged for the following services: unloading, receiving, putaway, picking, packing, shipping, clerical, B/L fee, warehousing, management/system fee, inventory fee, and more.


To deter criminal activity and facilitate problem resolution, we maintain a standard practice of installing 13 cameras with recordings retained for a minimum of one month. In addition, our facility operates as a TSA-approved warehouse for the handling of goods.


We use our Warehouse Management System, which allows for inbound and outbound registration using handheld scanners. Users can set up a username and password to access real-time inventory information.


We place a high priority on pre-contract preparation, information sharing (including cargo characteristics and urgency), and establishing a trust-based relationship through timely data sharing once operations begin.


As part of our warehousing services, we provide assistance with delivery preparation, picking and packing. However, please note that there may be limitations depending on the size and weight of the shipment.


We can handle general returns processing and defective item management.


Unfortunately, we do not have freezing or refrigeration facilities.


To initiate shipping and transportation processes, you can enter data in the form provided and email it to us. We will then process the shipment through our warehouse management system and either release it to your chosen carrier or handle the delivery through our partner carriers.


The scope and cost of insurance depends on the type of goods and storage. Please contact our sales representative for specific information.


Our operating hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If you notify us in advance, supervised access to the warehouse is also possible.


International Air Transportation

SG SAGAWA USA, INC.'s air cargo transportation service is customized to meet your international air transport needs, providing you with the best international flight choices and transport methods.

International Sea Transportation

We offer dependable, high-quality transportation options, including Less than Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL), and Breakbulk shipping services.

International Courier Services

Leveraging our internal global network, we provide efficient door-to-door logistics management for smaller shipments.

From Japan to US
Total support for FBA deliveries

FBA delivery scheme for cross-border EC using Amazon FBA. Transportation costs are significantly lower than conventional services. We can deliver to Amazon's FBA warehouse in the U.S. in the shortest possible time. We offer an overwhelming advantage in both cost and lead time.

Cross-border Logistics for E-commerce Business

Strengthen your markert presence in Japan

Boost Your Market Presence in Japan with SG SAGAWA USA, INC.: Our 'Cross-Border Shipping Services for E-commerce Operators' provide a complete solution to the logistics challenges you face, such as delivery schedules and cost-efficiency. Our 'EC-Connect' system streamlines your interactions with e-commerce platforms, customs, and logistics partners for a more simplified process.